Satcom1 Introduces New Software Partnerships

Greve, Denmark– May 11, 2011– Satcom1 recently announced they have partnered with EMTEQ, International Communication Group (ICG) and Schuett/AES to provide their proprietary router software, AvioIP, to customers.  These new partnerships will allow customers to purchase complete router solutions from these companies and take advantage of the unique Satcom1 AvioIP features.

International Communication Group (ICG) is a US-based manufacturer well known for their communications solutions. The AvioIP software will be used in their new router,  AeroRouter-800, which is scheduled to be launched by the end of 2011.

Schuett/AES is a German-based manufacturer who will utilize the AvioIP software to expand the capabilities of their current combined router and PBX, called IPBX 3606, which is now available.

EMTEQ is a US-based manufacturer well known for their avionics solutions. They will launch the  eConnect with a wide range of interfaces for future application. The first configuration of this unit will be a router using the Satcom1AvioIP software.

“We are excited to partner with these three companies because they are already experts in manufacturing and providing avionics solutions.”  Jesper Baekgaard, VP Sales & Marketing, Satcom1. “We are confident that these partnerships will allow more clients to be able to take advantage of the new AvioIP software and its capabilities.”

The latest version of AvioIP features three new capabilities:

  • Acceleration: The new version of AvioIP provides acceleration up to 400% utilizing the industry leading technology from Expand Networks. This not only means an increase in data speed, but also cost savings as more data can be downloaded per MB or minute.
  • Voice over IP (VoIP):  This new capability provides quality VoIP voice calls. While other solutions only provide this capability to aircraft installed phones, this unique solution provides it to any VoIP phone, including personal cell phones. In addition, while many systems offer just one voice channel, the new AvioIP can provide multiple channels.
  • Individual billing: This new capability takes the hassle out of billing for satellite services. With the AvioIP software, customers who use satellite services on a charter aircraft are billed directly without any action from the charter provider. With other systems, billing becomes a labor intensive procedure for the charter provider, resulting in limited numbers of charter companies providing a satellite connection.

Satcom1’s ambition is to be the leading service provider for the Inmarsat, Iridium and Thuraya   satellite systems. Their core focus is on aeronautical network solutions with data compression, encryption, videoconferencing and VoIP for VIP, business jets and government aircraft. They also provide professonial services for the maritime, vehicle and portable markets. Satcom1 provides everything from activation setup to software applications matching customer needs. Satcom1 strategy is breaking edge within aeronautical satellite solutions, always providing  latest technology to their customers. For more information on Satcom1 visit

Satcom1 AvioIP Press Release

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