Satcom1 First to Provide SB200 Services in Europe

Greve, Denmark– May 11, 2011– Satcom1 recently announced they are the first to provide SB200 service in Europe. Inmarsat recently launched SB200 and Satcom1 is now providing the airtime to the first aircraft in Europe to be equipped with this service.

SB200 is set apart from other services as it requires lighter hardware with a smaller antenna, reducing installation cost, making the service ideal for smaller aircraft. SB200 provides cockpit and passengers simultaneous use of a Smartphone, access to email and the internet with data speeds of up to 200 kpbs.

“We are proud to be the first to offer SB200 services in Europe” says Michael Skou Christensen, European Sales Manager at Satcom1. “We are confident that this service will allow more clients to be able to take advantage of satellite services, no matter the size of their aircraft.”

In addition to providing the new SB200 service, Satcom1 also offers Flight Billing plans. These plans allow clients who use satellite services on a charter aircraft to be billed directly, without any action from the charter provider. Traditionally, billing has been an inefficient, labor intensive procedure for the charter provider who must distinguish which client should be charged for the services during the previous month. Until now, this resulted in a limited numbers of charter companies providing satellite connections. Satom1’s Flight Billing Plans take the inconvenience out of offering satellite services on aircrafts.

Satcom1’s ambition is to be the leading service provider for the Inmarsat, Iridium and Thuraya   satellite systems. Their core focus is aeronautical complex LAN solutions with data compression, encryption, videoconferencing and VoIP for VIP, business jets and government        aircraft. They also provide professional services for the maritime, vehicle and portable markets.    Satcom1 provides everything from activation setup to software applications matching customer  needs. Satcom1 strategy is breaking edge within aeronautical satellite solutions, always providing  latest technology to their customers. For more information on Satcom1 visit

Satcom1 SB200 Press Release

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