Impressive Savings Demonstrated with Falcon 50 Utilizing 50Dash4 Performance Upgrades

East Alton, IL, May 16, 2011 – West Star Aviation continues to please customers with 50Dash4 Performance Upgrades. Falcon 50 operators can expect their aircraft to fly faster, farther and get to desired altitude quicker, all while enjoying lower fuel usage, when they choose the 50Dash4 Performance Upgrade

On a flight from DAL to PIE, a recent customer of a 50Dash4 upgrade received a flight plan for 2:00 hours en route and fuel burn of 5,000 lbs. from The aircraft took off with a fuel load of 6,600 lbs., three passengers, with luggage, and two crew members. The total weight was 30,000 lbs. The unrestricted climb to FL450 took just under 24 minutes.

After reaching FL450, it was ISA-3 and the aircraft trued out at 445 KTAS or .79 Mach. Fuel flow was 1,680 for three engines. First hour burn fuel came in at an amazing 2,381 lbs Total trip was 1 hour and 52 minutes with total fuel burn of 3,695 lbs. The aircraft landed with 2,900 lbs. of fuel.

The operator estimated that a Falcon 50 with standard TFE731-3 or 3D engines would have easily burned 5,000 lbs. on this trip. The savings works out to be about 1,300 lbs. or 194 gallons which equals about $970.00 savings in fuel.

“We have heard nothing but rave reviews from clients who have taken advantage of the performance upgrade,” says Jim Swehla, Executive V.P Sales & Marketing, West Star Aviation. “These upgrades will not only save the aircraft owner money, but it will maintain or increase the value of the aircraft.”

These upgrades increase critical performance characteristics of the Falcon 50 aircraft by converting TFE731-3-1C or TFE731-3D-1C engines to the TFE731-4-1C configuration. The 50Dash4 Performance Upgrade is composed of Nacelles and engine installations, and requires some cockpit related modifications.

Aircrafts with this upgrade will also enjoy longer maintenance intervals and increased engine durability, which can equate to reduced maintenance costs. The 50Dash4 Performance Upgrade is currently performed at West Star Aviation locations in East Alton, IL, Grand Junction, CO, and Dallas, TX. Additionally, West Star Aviation Inc. has FAA-Designated Engineering Representatives and FAA-Designated Avionics Representatives on staff to ensure the performance upgrade is completed safely and correctly.

West Star Aviation, Inc. specializes in the repair and maintenance of airframes, windows, and engines; as well as major modifications, avionics installation and repair, interior refurbishment, surplus avionics sales, accessory services, paint and parts. In addition to its facilities in East Alton, IL; Grand Junction, CO; Columbia, SC; and Dallas, TX, West Star Aviation runs the maintenance operations at Aspen-Pitkin County Airport located in Aspen, CO. The company also provides complete FBO services for transient aircraft at its newly remodeled East Alton and Grand Junction facilities. West Star Aviation, Inc. is an industry leader in technical experience and expertise while providing world-class customer services in all the organization’s divisions. For additional information visit, or

50Dash4 Impressive Savings

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