The Value of Message Consistency

In today’s crazy market of trends, trends, and more trends, many companies get caught in the “always trying to keep up” game, by trying to adapt or form their messages to fit these trends.

While some companies embrace these changes, not wanting to be left behind, this constant flux in messaging often does more harm than help. There is high value in creating and keeping a consistent brand identity and message; and here are just a couple of reasons why:

-Consistent messaging clarifies your marketing purpose and creates a strong foundation from which to build. Working from an established foundation allows you to develop exactly what you want to say, and how to say it. In addition, the consistency, or reputation, of your messages will give your audience more experience with your brand and your marketing without confusing them. This clarity will make it easier for the audience to familiarize themselves with your brand/messages, making it more recognizable, stable, and profitable.

-Consistent messaging creates a credible brand that earns trust!

When your messages are clear, concise, and consistent, a level of trust will be developed between your audience and your brand. People like to buy from companies and brands they are familiar with and can trust. This minimizes their sense of risk as they make their buying decisions. How can the market trust your brand when your messages are constantly changing? Customers want to know exactly what to expect from a product or service, so gaining their trust is the most profitable accomplishment you can achieve. Let your customers know what to expect from you with consistency throughout all of your messages, your brand, logo, collateral materials, website, and everything else your customers may see.

Bringing all forms of your messaging together in a consistent manner will make your brand recognizable, credible and stable. These are the real benefits of message consistency and can be leveraged to give your customers a positive experience with your brand. Customers with positive experiences tend to spread the word and continue to come back to the brands they know and trust!