Satcom1 recently announced the launch of Flight Billing, the first of their Individual Billing Solutions for charters, fractionals, airlines and business jet operators.  The Flight Billing Solution was developed to make passenger communications billing easier and more efficient for providers, and poses less risk of leaving providers with large communications charges. Flight Billing is currently available for SwiftBroadband.

Traditionally, billing passengers for on-flight communication services has been an inefficient and labor intensive procedure for charter and fleet operators as it was necessary to distinguish which passengers should be charged for each service in the previous month. This resulted in a limited number of charter companies providing satellite connections due to the risk of high usage bills. However, Satcom1’s Flight Billing Solution takes the inconvenience out of offering satellite services on aircraft as it automatically charges usage of each flight to a specific customer.

Flight Billing requires no hardware to be added to the aircraft and allows users to browse the internet, access e-mails, and send instant messages from their laptops, iPads, iPhones, or Smartphones.  Any customer using Satcom1 as a service provider can take advantage of the convenient benefits that Flight Billing has to offer. Adding to this convenience, Satcom1 will handle all billing and invoicing directly to the user without any action from the aircraft operator. Flight Billing is a complete hot spot and billing solution for providing communication services to customers with no hassle to the operator.

Satcom1 customers will pass the ease and convenience of this solution to their customers as well. The Flight Billing Solution will have a familiar interface for users as it is just like connecting to the internet at a hotel or airport. Users can choose from different options for gaining access and paying for data using a credit card via a secure banking connection or vouchers provided by the aircraft operator.

In addition to Flight Billing, Satcom1 will launch a second Individual Billing Solution next year. Pay Per User will be a billing solution which is ideal for operators who want to bill usage to each individual user. No matter the amount of passengers on the flight, charges can be billed to the individual accounts that are set up in advance or while on the flight. Contact Satcom1 for more about this solution.

Satcom1’s ambition is to be the leading service provider for the Inmarsat, Iridium and Ku-Band satellite systems. Their core focus is aeronautical network solutions with data compression, encryption, video conferencing and VoIP for VIP, business jets and government aircraft. They also provide professional services for the maritime, vehicle and portable markets. Satcom1 provides everything from activation setup to software applications matching customer needs. Satcom1 strategy is breaking edge within aeronautical satellite solutions, always providing the latest technology to their customers. For more information on Satcom1 visit or contact

Satcom1 Billing Solutions

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