Reach Out & Share

Help your community/industry. If your aviation company is truly doing good things in the community or industry, share it. The most important thing here is authenticity. While good works can improve image, they can just as easily destroy it with disingenuous efforts.

Public Relations is an often under-utilized tactic for some aviation companies. Whether it is philanthropic good works or other developments within the company, use PR to stay in front of your customers and prospects and keep them updated. Consistent presence in industry trade magazines and digital outlets will certainly pay dividends with increased share of voice and awareness.

If there are things happening in your company, either big or small, it doesn’t do any good if no one knows about it. Make sure you’re taking advantage of what a consistent public relations presence can deliver. You might be surprised.

MAI is a full-service marketing and communications agency that specializes in the aviation segment. With more than 25 years successfully helping corporate and general aviation companies communicate effectively, we can help find ways to optimize your current efforts or even find additional ways to reboot your marketing. Call Michelle Neuhaus at
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