AV8 MRO Offering Flat Rate Fee On Hawker Landing Gear Overhaul

Flat rate fee part of new “123 GO” program 

AV8 MRO LLC., recently announced they now offer flat rate pricing as a part of their new “123 GO” program. The program offers operators choices in pricing methods and turn times when having their Hawker Landing Gear repaired, overhauled, or exchanged

Operators who choose to have their landing gear serviced at AV8 MRO can now simply pick the service needed, repair, overhaul or exchange and then select their preferred pricing method. 1)  Actual labor/material cost. 2) Time/material cost with “not to exceed amount.”  3) Flat rate. Once the service and pricing method is determined, the operator can choose to have the landing gear serviced and returned, or if the gear is needed quickly, an exchange program is available. For more information on the details and restrictions of the “123 GO” program call                713-589-2668.

“It’s a common misconception within the industry that Hawker operators don’t have choices when it comes to servicing their landing gear, and that’s not the case,” says Yoel Arnoni, Principal, AV8 MRO. “We are excited to provide Hawker customers with choices, not just where they go for service, but also what services they need, how quickly they need the job completed, and what pricing method works best for their unique situation.”

AV8 MRO has the in-house capabilities to repair and overhaul all series of Hawker landing gear. They are able to offer quick turn times and an economical price due to an extensive inventory of FAA-Approved Replacement Parts and FAA-Approved Component Repairs for Hawker landing gear.

Conveniently located in Houston, TX, AV8 MRO is an FAA and EASA-Approved Repair Station with the in-house capabilities to repair and overhaul all series of Hawker landing gear and major component parts.  Specializing in the overhaul and repair of Hawker landing gear, AV8 MRO has FAA Repair Specification Approval to make replacement parts, and to date, has approvals for almost 400 parts for the Hawker landing gear. They also offer multiple FAA-approved component repairs that can save most major components from having to be replaced. Founded by Yoel Arnoni, Mike Washburn and Russell Eckhart, AV8 MRO has decades of experience in overhauling Hawker components, and now offers many solutions for all your component and landing gear needs. To learn more or to schedule service, please call 713-589-2668 or visit www.av8mro.com.

AV8 MRO 123 GO Program FINAL

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