What Potential Customers Aren’t Telling You…

“If I can’t find your website – I don’t know what you sell”

Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to ignore the impact that a website has on a business. In the age of the informed consumer, the internet is increasingly the first place these consumers go to look for information before they contact you and the first chance you have to make a good first impression. Without a good website it will be difficult to attract first time and repeat customers to your business.

But just having a functional, visually appealing website is not enough; current and potential customers must be able to find it. A simple keyword search for a product or service can return thousands of competing results, so companies must be vigilant in making sure their website stays relevant and visible online. From SEO tactics, media exposure, and paid advertising, there are a variety of ways to ensure your website is showing up in relevant searches. The savviest marketers use a powerful combination of tactics to ensure they stay visible on the web – can you say the same?

Make sure the visibility of your site stays a top priority when marketing your product or service.

  • Ted M. McDermott, Vice President, MAI – A full service marketing & communications firm specializing in aviation marketing.

What Your Customers Dont Tell You – Ted McDermott

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