West Star Aviation Receives Approval For Installation Of PMA Replacement Waste Drain Valve For Hawker Aircraft

West Star Aviation recently announced they are now offering a Waste Drain Valve Modification for Hawker 800, 800XP, and 850XP. The valve is manufactured and certified under FAA Parts Manufacturer Approval “PMA” and replaces the factory installed valve, which allows leakage and the potential for corrosion.

The factory installed valve on the Hawker 800/800XP/850XP aircraft requires a T-Handle tool to remove the secondary pressurization plug or “donut”. If this plug is re-installed incorrectly, or in some cases not installed at all, the opportunity for leakage is greatly increased. This presents the possibility of the user being soaked during servicing as well as a potential risk for corrosion damage.

In addition, if the plug is missing, the MMEL for the Hawker states the aircraft is restricted to unpressurized flight and a ceiling of 15,000 ft. until it is replaced. This can cause dispatch problems of hours or days if the aircraft is in a part of the world where parts support is difficult.

“Most Hawker operators are familiar with the unpleasant task of draining their lavatory waste tank,” said Kendall Kreiling, Hawker Program Manager, West Star Aviation.  “We can install a significantly improved version of the valve, which will eliminate the corrosion and downtime risk, as well as make the whole process much simpler for operators.”

The new valve features a spring-loaded internal fluid valve that opens with the small external level after the ground service cart duct is connected. This eliminates the mess if the tank valve leaks. Closing the internal valve is as simple as closing the cap with the over-center lever.

This modification can easily be incorporated with maintenance, avionics installation, paint or interior services at West Star.  To learn more about the modification or see photos please visit www.weststaraviation.com/airframes/hawker, or contact Kendall Kreiling at 800-255-4193, or kkreiling@wsa.aero.

West Star Aviation, Inc. specializes in the repair and maintenance of airframes, windows, and engines, as well as major modifications, avionics installation and repair, interior refurbishment, surplus avionics sales, accessory services, paint and parts.

In addition to its facilities in East Alton, IL; Grand Junction, CO; and Columbia, SC. West Star Aviation runs the maintenance operations at Aspen-Pitkin County Airport in Aspen, CO and at Spirit of St. Louis Airport in Chesterfield, MO. The company also provides complete FBO services for transient aircraft at its newly remodeled East Alton and Grand Junction facilities. West Star Aviation, Inc. is an industry leader in technical experience and expertise while providing world-class customer services in all the organization’s divisions. For more information visit http://www.weststaraviation.com or call 800-922-2421.

Hawker Aircraft Waste Drain Valve Modification

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