West Star Aviation Granted Sales Tax Exemption for Installed Aircraft Parts

Grand Junction, CO– West Star Aviation, Inc. announced today that the City of Grand Junction granted exemption from sales tax on aircraft parts installed during maintenance events.  The repeal will be effective on August 20, 2010.

West Star Aviation presented the appeal to the City Economic Council in this past month in order to challenge the pre-existing city tax legislation forcing them to charge city sales tax on parts installed on aircraft during maintenance procedures.  West Star argued for the ability to provide the same tax free services for its customers as states such as Idaho and Nebraska.

After the City Economic Council’s agreement with West Star, the decision then went before the entire City Council. It was there that the vote was passed unanimously to repeal the city sales tax on parts being installed to aircraft during maintenance events for a three-year term.

This repeal includes all items installed permanently in or on aircraft.  The state of Colorado already has an exemption from sales tax for aircraft parts, but now clientele of West Star can look forward to the inclusion of the maintenance aspect to that list as well. 

Download PDF:  Grand Junction Sales Tax Exemption

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