West Star Aviation Announces Multiple A&P Graduates Through FAA OJT Program

West Star Aviation

West Star is pleased to announce multiple candidates have completed the FAA OJT (on the job training) program to receive their A&P certifications. West Star is delighted to participate and offer this 30-month program to upcoming technicians as a way to work in the field while also obtaining their certification. The apprentices must document all their training in a logbook to qualify over the 30-month term. A total of 4 apprentices completed the current program with several more well on their way to completion. We would like to congratulate and welcome our most recent mechanics Dan Yates, Lance Schumacher, Brandon Shemonia and Molly Kircher.

“This has been a great program for West Star, as it aides us in acquiring new technicians which are already familiar with our facilities and offering them the opportunity to continue their career within an environment and culture they are already accustomed to,” said Eric Valdes, Program Director (ALN).

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