West Star Aviation Adds Type IV De-Icing to Line Services Offered at GJT

Grand Junction, CO– West Star Aviation, Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of type IV de-icing to the wide range of line services offered at their Grand Junction, CO (GJT) facility.  This location is a large asset to the aviation community for its world class fueling and maintenance services.

The facility at GJT is a certified de-icing station, now with two de-icing trucks available.  Adding the type IV de-icing capability to this station’s line services will aid the general aviation traffic in the winter months during inclement weather.  Type IV de-icing is used primarily to prevent ice from re-occurring after initial de-icing with type I, allowing for a longer hold over time for aircrafts waiting for takeoff.

Also offered at the GJT location is the ability to accommodate large aircraft.  Currently they have the capacity to service aircraft in the AirBus and Boeing Class, as well as offer support to aircraft such as fire bombers.  Holding a military fueling contract, this location also extends full support capabilities to any military aircraft.  The GJT facility can be used by these aircraft as a one-stop full service location—and if needed, this station is fully equipped and available to handle airline diversions as well.

The general manager of the GJT location is Dave Krogman; for any questions, or if needing to contact the facility, please call the office at 970.243.7500 or toll free at 1.800.255.4193.  More information about the GJT location and the services they offer can be found on the West Star Aviation website at www.weststaraviation.com

Download PDF:  GJT De-Ice & Line Services

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