Time for a Company Store?

In a previous newsletter, we gave you some tips to keep in mind whenpurchasing promotional items. But once you have selected and purchased your items, what do you do with the inventory?

It’s not uncommon for companies, both large and small, to have a wide variety of promotional items and, therefore, a large inventory that needs to be managed. For many companies, this can be a daunting task. Managing an inventory of promotional items not only includes managing the current levels of items, but also analyzing the items, size, color, etc, and making sure there is always enough inventory in stock. This type of constant management can cost time and money, something most companies don’t want to spare.

In response, many companies are turning to an “Online Company Store” or “Promo Store” to deal with the headache that promotional items can cause. Utilizing an online store can be the most effective way to manage not just your giveaway promotional items, but also any printed materials, such as business cards, corporate brochures, sell sheets, and more. Since it is online, it can be accessed on multiple devices whenever your team needs it.

There are lots of options when it comes to creating and hosting an online store, so do your research before deciding which is right for you. No matter which avenue you choose, there are some specific benefits you will want to look for:

  • Complete Inventory Management – Make sure the company or the software you use for your online store provides complete inventory management, including tracking number of items in inventory and determining when additional items need to be ordered.
  • Analysis Tools – These tools can give you a detailed analysis of purchases. You can gauge the most/least popular item, and track ordering by department.
  • Control Purchasing – Just because you use an online store doesn’t mean you can’t control purchasing. Most online stores allow you to set up a P.O. Approval process in which every order placed must be approved before fulfillment.
  • Reward Programs – Use your online store to implement a reward program by utilizing gift certificates for your customers and/or sales team.

These tools will allow you to remain in control of your promo items without spending all the extra time needed to manage the items, saving you time and money!