Three Critical OSHA Standards Now Affecting Aircraft Cabin Crewmembers

Corporate Aviators develops Compliance Process Tool to meet new worker protections

In order to further protect all workers, whether temporary or permanent, the FAA has issued Notice 8900.288, which mandates that certain OSHA standards now apply to aircraft cabin crewmembers onboard an aircraft while in operation. The notice applies to all aircraft operations that utilize at least one aircraft cabin crewmember. Corporate Aviators Inc., an aviation employment and labor contractor, has reviewed the FAA and OSHA regulations and statutes and has developed a Compliance Process Tool to meet these new worker protections.

The three OSHA standards that apply include hazard communication, bloodborne pathogens and occupational noise exposure. While these are not new OSHA standards, they now apply to a whole new group of permanent and temporary employees, and employers will be required to put certain processes in place to be compliant.

Corporate Aviators will be at the NBAA Regional Forum, Booth #18, in Teterboro, NJ on June 25th, 2015 to meet with attendees and discuss the new OSHA standards and their Compliance Process Tool.

“It’s important to understand that OSHA’s statutory or regulatory authority is not to be ignored and that these new FAA/OSHA  regulatory requirements are not just recommendations, they are required regulations,” says Margaret Vernet,  President, Corporate Aviators. “Our goal is to help flight operations understand these new standards, what they mean for their operation and what steps and processes can be put in place to ensure compliance.”

All workers, whether temporary or permanent, always have a right to a safe and healthy workplace, and the OSHA rules and regulations that were developed to protect workers now apply to cabin crewmembers.

OSHA protects workers who report injuries and/or raise concern, from retaliation which can include blacklisting, failing to hire or rehire, firing or lay off, reassignment to a less desirable position, or reducing pay.  According to Corporate Aviators, OSHA anticipates that it will respond to and investigate complaints without having to board the aircraft.

With Corporate Aviators’ Compliance Process Tool, customers can protect the safety and health of cabin crewmembers and ensure they are compliant with the new requirements.

As one of the only labor contractors to address these new standards, Corporate Aviators has the compliance solutions to ensure OSHA standards are being met. To learn more about the new OSHA standards, or to schedule an appointment contact 203-207-0077 or

With more than 28 years of experience, Corporate Aviators, Inc., brings in-depth knowledge in aviation employment-related matters to customers including OSHA compliance. Offering aviation staffing services, W-2 employment administration, aviation liability insurance, IRS/DOL employment compliance, and cutting-edge time and expense management, Corporate Aviators has a wide variety of services and expertise to meet the needs of the aviation community. Their Employer of Record Payroll Service eliminates the administrative workload for corporate flight departments when utilizing contingent flight crew on temporary assignments and retainers. Corporate Aviators has actively participated in the NBAA Employment Issues Working Group focused on employment matters to serve the business aviation community. To learn more visit


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