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As we head into 2020, one of the most effective ways to build your business and gain exposure to potential customers is through video marketing. Now more than ever, prospects and customers want to see the behind the scenes, the process, your triumphs, and even struggles. The more relevant content you capture, the more your audience will grow. The bigger the audience, the more relationships you will build.

Short, Simple & To The Point 
As our attention spans have shortened with the take-over of social media, keeping your videos short, simple, and to the point will grab your audience’s attention while establishing credibility for your business. Not to mention, they are also obviously less expensive to produce than longer videos. This allows you the freedom to create more content for your budget. 

The best part about video marketing is that it can be used and re-purposed on many platforms. Upload the video to youtube and post on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Take a screenshot and encourage people on Twitter to check it out. You can also write a paragraph or two about the video and create a post on your website. Then take that same content and send an email campaign! Video is always an eye-catcher at tradeshows. No matter the platform, video marketing is a proven tool that can be re-purposed to ensure the ROI is worth it.

Take Action!
Whether your strategy calls for your video delivery to be via website, social media, tradeshows, or distributed directly to prospects or customers, look to MAI for creative ideas on how to best utilize your video investment.

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