Public Relations

Messaging | Distribution

With more than two decades of experience with industry press and media, you can trust MAI to develop and draft your press releases, press conferences, or media events. Our unparalleled industry knowledge, resources, and contacts allow your message to be crafted with technical accuracy while still understanding the nuance of each media outlet. We can help you identify press-worthy items and turn them into opportunities.

Tracking | Clipping

MAI offers full PR tracking and clipping services to manage your company’s press initiatives. Press is an invaluable marketing tool, but you have to know who is picking up your news and when to capitalize on all opportunities.

Editorial | Feature

Have a major announcement? New product? Larger press items can require increased focus for editorial or feature coverage. Our contacts and first-hand industry knowledge allow MAI to generate a public relations plan that can include dedicated efforts to coordinate interviews, distribute pitch letters based on editorial content and an organized push for larger features and sometimes cover stories in the industry’s top media.

Industry | Local

We have developed longstanding relationships with editors, reporters, and writers from all types of aviation media, resulting in a proprietary distribution list for both printed and online news outlets. MAI can also easily incorporate your local media outlets for a well-rounded distribution plan that gets your news noticed.