Is Your Website Hurting Your Sales?

In today’s age of online shopping, video conferencing and Facebook, it’s almost impossible to ignore the impact that a website has on a business. In the age of the informed consumer, the internet is increasingly the first place customers go to look for information before they contact you. Without a good website it will be difficult to attract first time and repeat customers to your business.

Your website is the first impression you make on potential customers, in fact, the homepage of your website may be the first and last impression you will make – as most visitors won’t even venture past your homepage. A good first impression will drastically increase the chances of that visitor returning, and a bad one will be difficult to overcome.

So is your website hurting your sales – here are guidelines to analyze your site:

1. Is it Easy to Find? Search engine optimization (SEO) is the most common way to make your website easy to find. If your web pages are designed to rank high in search engines, customers will easily find your site when using a keyword search. Without SEO, your website is likely to be missed by potential clients.

2. Is it Easy to Navigate? Keeping your website simple and easy to navigate will allow current and potential clients to quickly find the information they are looking for. Throughly review the new, or existing, site and cut all unnecessary items. Be sure to utilize clear and concise content so as not to overcomplicate the website.

3. Do You Add Fresh Content?  One of the biggest mistakes you can make on your website is having outdated information. Not only should your website content be new and fresh, but it should also be different, or at least more detailed, than what is printed on a company brochure.

4. Is it Compatible? Mobile devices are quickly becoming the preferred device to search for information. Make sure your website is compatible with these technologies.

5. Does Your Site Represent You? The mere appearance of the site will tell the client if it’s worth contacting your company or not. Your website represents your company, and people expect it to be functional, informative, and complete. Having a well-designed website will make a customer call you for further details.

6. Have You Called MAI? If your site isn’t giving the right impression, it is hurting your sales! Perception is reality and if your prospects perceive that your company is not the best choice for their need, based on your website, then the reality is, you’re not.

Trust MAI for design and development of simple promotion-specific microsites and mobile sites to full-blown corporate sites and database-driven solutions.

Contact MAI today to turn your site into a professional sales tool that will generate leads!

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