How To Save Up To 15% On Every Promotional Item You Buy!

There are literally thousands of options when it comes to promotional items, and they vary from dirt cheap to very high-priced.

While promotional item spending can quickly add up, these items can be extremely helpful for tradeshow effectiveness and beyond! Here are a few tips you can keep in mind when selecting your items in order to get the most from your budget and save up to 15% on every item you buy.

-Have a Determined Objective in Mind!

Before you buy anything, or even set a budget for your promotional items, set an objective. What do you want to achieve with your items? If you don’t know exactly what you hope to achieve through the use of promo items, you are likely to over-spend on generic items. Generic items tend to lend themselves more towards a simple giveaway, which can be ok, especially at a tradeshow.  If your main objective is to get your name out and on the top of people’s mind, a generic, lower priced item might be best for you. In that case the importance would be the quantity of the item, rather than the quality.

However, that is not the best tactic for every objective, so decide what exactly you wish to achieve.

Do you want to: Build awareness? Attract or reward loyal customers? Build your distribution list? Test a product?

Whatever your reason, make sure you have a clear-cut objective. This will drastically affect the type of promotional item you choose, and save you money!

-Purchase/distribute promotional items that people will actually use!

Do your research! Look for items that will complement the type of business you promote and that your customers will use often. Think of perceived value through your customer’s eyes, what kind of item would they see as valuable?

In addition, try to select items that will actually be used when/where the decisions about your product/services are made. If your potential customers work with computers, try a mouse pad or flash drive, so your brand will be at the front of their minds when they make buying decisions.

-Don’t automatically choose the cheap route; remember a good rule of thumb is quality, not quantity.

Try to avoid “throw away” items. Make your promo items an investment that will last. These items should be used to express gratitude to your customers and remind them that the relationship you share with them is important to you. So keep appearance and shelf-life in mind when carefully selecting your products. In addition, limit your inventory to a select number of items.  That way you can purchase a larger quantity of each item and take advantage of price breaks, which could save you up to 15% per item!

– Call MAI!

As a licensed ASI distributor, MAI can save you money by sourcing virtually any item needed for   promotions, tradeshow giveaways or corporate gifts and apparel.  MAI can also provide creative suggestions to meet your promotional/giveaway objectives and can provide options for any     budget.

Promotional items can take up a large portion of a marketing budget, but if you take your time and choose wisely, you can make the most of your budget, and have promotional items you can be proud to hand out!

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