Hook, Line, and Sinker…

Your Marketing Needs a Hook

As a marketer, our number one job is to grab potential customers’ attention – get them on the “hook” and leave them wanting more. Once you have their attention you can tell them all about your product and convince them to buy it – but first, you MUST get their attention.

How do we grab their attention? With a hook! While the actual hook can come in many different forms, to be successful it must:

• Capture audience’s attention
• Pique interest
• Leave audience open and receptive to information

A hook is not a complete, neatly packaged offer; instead it should be a small sample or a teaser of the whole offer. Your hook should give potential customers just enough to get them interested in learning more. While there isn’t necessarily one right way to develop a hook, there are some tried and true ways to ensure you have a strong hook:

• Announce new or exciting information
• Sympathize with a problem and promise a solution
• Grab attention with shocking or unknown information
• Use coupons, contests, or free offers

Once you have their attention – you’re not done yet. The hook can only bring the prospects to you, and then it’s your job to turn them into customers, so be prepared. Even the strongest hook will be unsuccessful if you don’t have anything of value to offer.

Whatever method you choose to develop and deliver your message, be sure to keep the above objectives in mind it could mean the difference between a new customer and a wasted marketing budget.


Ted M. McDermott, Vice President, MAI – A full service marketing & communications firm specializing in aviation marketing.

Hook Line and Sinker – Ted McDermott


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