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Google Analytics

So you have a website, great, but does it have Google analytics? If it does, are you monitoring or reviewing the free reports it provides for your digital traffic? If your website is not coded for or does not include the Google analytics tool, you are missing out on a FREE and valuable tool. Google analytics, though sometimes cumbersome, does allow you to gain knowledge about your digital visitors, providing you the ability to review and update your website as needed. Here are a few fundamental reasons we feel Google analytics is a required tool for digital marketing.

  • Allows you to know your visitors (audience) and how they located you (originated)
  • Provides you with data on your marketing efforts based on dated traffic peaks
  • Shows you the most viewed pages and perhaps ones that need content improvement
  • Provides specific data from where your traffic is originating, including referral sites (ROI)
  • It’s FREE!

As stated before, Google analytics is a valuable tool and provides you more data that you probably need. If data overload isn’t your cup of tea, we offer monthly, and quarterly reporting simplified for your review. Give us a shout at 636.530.0088; we’re here to help!

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