AvFab Recieve EASA Approval for BeechJet 400 2-Place Divan

Clinton, MO

– Aviation Fabricators (AvFab) is pleased to announce they have received EASA approval for the installation of their Beechjet 400 2-Place Divan.  This is the second approval for installation AvFab has received, the first being STC approval received back in May of 2010.

Divan 2 place installed

The AvFab 2-Place Divan unit adds the utility of a 2-person divan to any Beechjet 400 cabin, perfect for adding capacity and refreshing the look of the cabin. The divan is available with the option of close-out panels, and comes with the shoulder harnesses already mounted.

There is no airframe modification necessary for this addition. Installation is as simple as removing the existing seats/furnishings, and then placing the divan into the desired location by locking them into the seat tracks. AvFab also offers pricing quotes on the removed seats as potential trade-ins.

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