AV8 MRO Welcomes New Technical Sales Person

Houston, TX, October 22, 2015 – AV8 MRO is pleased to announce that Kevin Gettemeier joined the AV8 MRO team as their new Technical Sales person, effective Tuesday, October 20.

Kevin has more than forty years of aviation experience in flying, aircraft maintenance, operations and business development. He started his career in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve and obtained his A.S. in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Technology from Parks College. He will be working directly with the three owners of AV8 MRO, doing outside sales, traveling to meet with customers and helping them evaluate how AV8 MRO can best fulfill their landing gear overhaul and repair needs.

“Kevin has been one of my mentors. He not only taught me the best way to create and run an aviation component overhaul shop, but also how to treat customers with integrity,” says Yoel Arnoni, AV8 MRO Principal. “I have worked with Kevin for almost 30 years, and he has always been a model of leadership to me. To have him agree to work with us is a source of great pride.”

To reach Kevin directly, call 713-589-2668 or email sales@av8mro.com.

Conveniently located in Houston, TX, AV8 MRO is an FAA and EASA-Approved Repair Station with the in-house capabilities to repair and overhaul all series of Hawker landing gear and major component parts. Specializing in the overhaul and repair of Hawker landing gear, AV8 MRO has the FAA Repair Specification Approval to make replacement parts, and to date, has approval for almost 400 parts for the Hawker landing gear. They also offer multiple FAA-approved component repairs that can save most major components from having to be replaced. Founded by Yoel Arnoni, Mike Washburn and Russell Eckhart, AV8 MRO has decades of experience in overhauling Hawker components, and now offers many solutions for all your component and landing gear needs. To learn more or to schedule service, please call 713-589-2668 or visit www.av8mro.com.

AV8 MRO PR_New Hire_Kevin Gettemeier

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