A Great Logo Will Have These Top 6 Characteristics

A Great Logo Will Have These Top 6 Characteristics:

1. Simplicity

Simple logos are easily recognizable and are remembered most.

2. Scalable

Logo should be able to be scaled up or down and still retain desired look/detail.

3. Memorable

Capture viewers attention and leave positive impression.

4. Versatile

Logo should look great in a variety of mediums (device/print etc).

5. Relevant

Logo should be relevant to your business in some form – relate to your company.

6. Timeless

Design should not be based on passing trends or fads and should stand the test of time.

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Brand strategy is critical for success in today’s marketplace. If you don’t communicate what your brand stands for, the market will decide for itself. Need to name a new company or rebrand an existing one? MAI can help with creative input, research options, and trademark/copyright processes.
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