What You Can Expect to See in 2013

As 2012 comes to an end, marketers should take some time to reflect on the past year and determine what worked and what didn’t. This knowledge should be carried over and used when making plans for 2013. No matter when your fiscal year begins, here are some marketing trends you can expect to see in 2013, and beyond……

The Social Media Craze Isn’t Going Anywhere

We have seen this topic discussed again and again, and the simple truth is, social media and social networking are aspects of business that are not going anywhere soon. Look for a continued increase of companies who are embracing the social aspects of their marketing tools, some for the first time. While social media may seem like old news to some of us, keep in mind that there are still companies who have not yet taken the plunge. Look for those companies to join the social media ranks this year. Better late than never.

In addition, look for a massive increase in companies that embrace their own, company-specific, internal social networks. These enterprise networks are utilized for company collaboration, file sharing, knowledge exchange and team efficiency. Whether your company has thousands of employees or just 10, these networks allow your team to get work done in a social environment. Similar to a project management site, with a social twist.

Site still Not Mobile?

In our first newsletter of 2012, we warned that mobile marketing would skyrocket this year, and it has! With even more consumers using their mobile devices to gain product information and make purchases, the need to have a mobile-ready site is even more crucial. While the technology of making your website mobile-friendly is nothing new, there are still a large percentage of businesses that have not joined in. Look for many of these companies to jump in and launch mobile and tablet versions of their websites in 2013.

Hello Video, Farewell Email?

While email may never completely fade from the workplace, the use of it, and other traditional communication tools will continue to decrease. Using video as a standard communication tool will soon become the norm. This new tool will be especially popular within social channels, and mobile networks will become well-equipped to handle video calls.

Back to the Basics

In an age of constant, simultaneous messages, more companies may decide to go direct and personal in 2013. While email blasts continue to rise in popularity, some companies may choose a more traditional approach, such as direct mail, to reach decision makers. Utilizing the past principles of a highly targeted and highly creative campaign may be just the solution companies are looking for to cut through the noise and get noticed.

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