What You Can Expect to See in 2013: Mobile Sites

It’s no secret that more and more consumers use their mobile devices for everything! Whether its gaining product information, comparing brands or making purchases, mobile devices are creating massive opportunities for companies to gain new customers and more sales.

In our 2013 forecast, we told you to watch for even more businesses to jump in and launch mobile and tablet versions of their websites this year.  But why are mobile-friendly websites so important?

The simplest answer – handheld devices have small screens. While a company website may look great on an average computer screen, when compressed to a mobile screen, the website becomes hard to read, hard to navigate through, and can also be impossible to load on some phones.  To resolve these issues, it is necessary to have a simpler “mobile-friendly” website created for your mobile customers. This site can have large icons and a simplified layout that will allow users to do what they want quickly and easily, making them more likely to use your website and return to your site in the future.

In addition, having a mobile site provides another way for customers to buy from you. If you make it easy for mobile users to navigate through your site and make a purchase, you can reach a whole new group of customers. And if these customers can’t buy from you, they will buy from someone else.

Finally, one of the most important reasons to have a mobile site is a bad customer experience is bad for your company, no matter the reason. Whether it’s dissatisfaction with a product, the customer service, or mobile experience, having a disgruntled customer, especially one who likes to spread the word, is just plain bad for business. Don’t give them reasons to be unhappy with their experience.

But don’t just take our word for it, look at the data:

A prime example of such data can be found in the results of “What Users Want Most From Mobile Sites Today” a study from Google, conducted by independent market research firms Sterling Research and Smith Geiger. The study surveyed 1,088 US adult smartphone internet users in July 2012.

  • 50% of people said that even if they like a business, they will use them less often if the website isn’t mobile-friendly.
  • 67% of mobile users say when they visit a mobile-friendly site, they’re more likely to buy a site’s product or service.
  • When they visited a mobile-friendly site, 74% of people say they’re more likely to return to that site in the future.

And proof that a bad mobile experience can be bad for your company:

  • 52% of users said that a bad mobile experience made them less likely to engage with a company.
  • And finally, 48% said that if a site didn’t work well on their smartphone’s, it made them feel like the company didn’t care about their business.

There you have it; real proof that you need a mobile-friendly site. Why not make 2013 the year you launch yours?

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