What Social Marketing Can Do for You that Traditional Marketing Cannot

Social media has changed the way we think about marketing more in the last five years than anything in the past previous 100 years.  With the influx of information and opinions out there about social marketing vs. traditional marketing, it is easy to get overwhelmed and confused about the place for each in your marketing plan.

So, should you leave your traditional marketing efforts behind and worktowards an all social media marketing plan? The answer is NO! However, you should integrate social media into your current marketing plan.  There are certain advantages that can be gained from the social marketing world that simply cannot be achieved with traditional marketing.

Social Media Tools Can….

-Allow you to interact with your current and potential customers more often.

Only with social media can you send a message, see your audience’s reaction, and respond in a matter of minutes! Plus you can send your messages more often, no more lengthy lead times, just create your message, and send!

-Give you a widespread reach for your marketing.

With social marketing, you can reach not just your current audience, or fans, but you can reach a whole new market of potential clients. You can reach your current customers, the people who like/follow them, and the people who like/follow them! The reach of this new market is limitless.

-Cut marketing costs.

Other than the time you put in, social marketing is often free of costs. No printing, no shipping, no postage! If you can carve out the time, you can use social marketing to your advantage!

-Integrate your social and traditional marketing together.

Why not use your new social marketing efforts to draw more attention to your traditional marketing components? Why not use your Twitter account to draw attention to your website, or post your company newsletter on your Facebook page? Let your marketing efforts work together to produce the best results.

Remember, social media isn’t a stand-alone marketing strategy; it’s an additional promotional tool that every marketer should use.

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