Tradeshows….Are they Still Worth it?

Anyone who has ever attended a tradeshow knows – it can get pricey! Whether you are exhibiting or just attending, costs for travel, hotel, meals, and entertainment can quickly add up.

Then, if you are exhibiting, there is booth space, rentals, and freight. With the unstable economy of the previous years, many companies have been struggling with the question,

“Are tradeshows still worth the cost?”

As a full-service advertising and marketing company who specializes in the aviation industry, we have seen our fair share of high invoices associated with industry tradeshows.  But even this cost cannot outweigh the benefits we see clients recap at every tradeshow.

The answer is “YES! Tradeshows are definitely still worth it!” and here is why:

It’s the perfect opportunity to meet the people you need to meet!

People like to do business with people they have met, and what better place to get acquainted with professionals involved in your field than when they are all gathered in one place. At tradeshows, networking is key. Whether you are launching a new product or service, testing a new market, or trying to learn more about your target market, a tradeshow is the best place to reach your audience. Where else do you get the chance to demonstrate your product or service directly, be face-to-face with your customers, and receive their responses and feedback on the spot?

-Tradeshows are the best way to stay informed with what is going on in your industry.

On the tradeshow floor, you have free range to talk to people about their offerings and their opinions. Only at tradeshows can you learn more about the people you want to do business with, and perhaps build a partnership down the road. Don’t forget, there are speakers and seminars at tradeshows that are set up for the purpose of teaching attendees new skills and give them additional information about the industry.

If you’re not there, someone will take your place.

It is a common misconception that if you are not at the show, no one will notice. Nothing could be further from the truth. Someone will notice – and all those potential customers who came to the show looking for new partnerships and contacts will have no chance to connect with you, leaving them open to your competition.

Exhibiting at a tradeshow is a great way to show current and potential customers that you are committed and investing in the future. Your presence shows attendees you are looking to the future and you will be around for years to come!

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