Fast and Free Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website – And Make More Money

Websites, unlike some other marketing tools, have to be publicized. When you design a print ad, you pay a magazine to run the it. When you design a brochure, you give it away. But when you publish a website, you must promote it to drive in business (visitors). But before you go launching a high-priced ad campaign for your website, here are a few easy tips to get more traffic, and more leads, FREE:

Search Engine Optimization – This is the best way to get off on the right foot with your website and drive traffic to your site. When designing the pages, do your research! Make sure your pages and headings are rich with keywords.  Not sure how to optimize your website? Contact an expert to handle all your website needs.

Offer Free, Original and Quality Content – Make sure all your pages have fresh, original, and up-to-date information, and while you’re at it, litter your page content with rich keywords too! Giving visitors free, original, and quality content will establish you as an expert, and keep repeat visitors coming back for more.

Get Listed – There are numerous free directories on which you can get your website listed. Some directories have thousands of websites listed, some have millions, but all can help your website move to the top of a Google search. You should list your site on as many directories as possible

Link, Link, and Link Some More – Use all available avenues to push traffic to your site.  Use your Facebook Page, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts and use a strong call to action to drive visitors directly to your site. Get creative – try writing articles or press releases and post them on free databases on the web, or try creating a YouTube video to display your products or service – Don’t Forget to Add Your URL.

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