2012 Marketing Trends You Cannot Afford to Ignore

Article from MAI Newsletter Vol2 No1

2012 is ramping up and promises to be an exciting year in marketing. As companies look ahead with uncertainty of what is to come, one thing is certain, marketing tactics continue to evolve and change all the time.  While most companies already have their marketing plans in place, it is imperative that a business be able to change and adapt with the times. Here are some of the biggest trends you can expect to see in 2012, get on board, or get left behind.

Marketing Across Channels – In 2012, those companies who continue to stick solely with more “traditional marketing” tactics, will find it increasing impossible to ignore the wide range of available marketing channels. Instead of relying on one or two marketing channels, businesses will start to recognize the value of connecting their marketing approaches across the web, social media and other channels to create a stronger brand across these multiple channels.

User-Created Content Will Rule – The influence of the consumers continues to get stronger.  Businesses are becoming smarter at integrating opportunities for customer feedback within their marketing approach. Whether it is a YouTube video or other social media word of mouth, content that comes directly from customers will continue to grow in value. The companies that actively embrace this shift will be the ones that boost their profitability in 2012

Mobile Marketing Skyrockets – Mobile is taking over. With millions of consumers using their smartphones and tablets to shop, browse, and connect, companies that fully prepare their marketing materials, such as their websites, to go mobile are the ones that will profit most in 2012. This will demand that companies have content and materials that are mobile-ready if they want to cash in on this new, on-the-move customer.

A Better Understanding of Research – Companies will work improve their understanding of marketing research in 2012. With the companies increasing their marketing channels, businesses will take a closer look in examining their marketing data to distinguish ROI. Add this to an increasing focus on cost management and marketing analytics will quickly rise as the most utilized way to determine effectiveness and to make recommendations for strategy.

Video Becomes Number One – Out of all of the companies who use social media as a vital part of their marketing plan, only a fraction have experimented with video. The growth of video and sharing sites such as YouTube or Flickr, within marketing fits naturally with the new and diverse marketing channels, and with the increasing focus on user-created content. Watch for video to explode – with many companies experimenting and developing their own forms of video marketing.

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MAI Newsletter Vol2 No1

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